The Revolutionary Plan That Helps Melt Stubborn Fat Fast
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Weight Loss Breakthroughs
The 7-day Speed Melt: How to lose up to 5 pounds in just 7 days!
Discover the vitamin D secrets to fighting fat and controlling hunger and cravings!
There’s nothing that builds your confidence more than seeing the bathroom scale start moving in the right direction fast. That’s why you’ll love the 7-Day Speed Melt plan in The Vitamin D Diet. Just flip to page 136, and you’ll find a week of menus packed with vitamin D–rich foods like bread, cereal, cheese, burgers, and more.

Follow this easy plan and by week’s end, you can expect to drop up to 5 pounds. You’ll also feel your energy levels increase, your mood lift, and maybe even your sex drive perk up.
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It’s just the beginning of the new you!
After your first week, you’re ready to shift into the 4-Week Fat Melt — the plan that’s SO easy and SO reasonable, cheating is built in!

You’ll find out how to continue to accelerate fat loss as you enjoy even more fabulous foods and make this plan a part of your healthier and slimmer lifestyle!

There are NO required daily menus! You simply choose the meals you feel like on any given day, with confidence that you’ll get plenty of vitamin D to help unlock the fat that’s stuck in your cells.
Eating OUT with friends or family? No problem! It’s okay to splurge now and then. Plus, you’ll discover smart options to help you satisfy your hunger and stick with your weight loss plan.
You get BRAND-NAME shopping lists. This is HUGE! Since there aren’t many foods that contain sufficient quantities of vitamin D, you need to look for foods that include added vitamin D. The Vitamin D Diet has done the homework for you to make your shopping super easy!
I lost 7 pounds in the first week!
A typical person should expect a safe and healthy weight loss rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week if they reduce calorie consumption and exercise regularly.
The heavier you are, the more Vitamin D you need to lose weight

Stunning new research reveals how vitamin D can check into your system if you’re overweight, but it can’t easily check back out. Scientists call it the “Hotel California effect,” and it means that overweight individuals need at least 50 percent more vitamin D than slim people to begin losing weight.

That’s why ordinary vitamin D levels are NOT enough and why The Vitamin D Diet floods your system with healthy levels of vitamin D so weight loss gets easier than ever before. Just look what it can do for you ...

You can BLAST away unwanted belly fat. Studies show that dieters who maximize vitamin D (and the other nutrients on this plan) lose weight twice as fast, AND they lose it where they need it most: their bellies.

You can CONTROL your hunger all day long. These foods help you feel “full” sooner and allow you to naturally consume more calories without feeling denied.

You can BLAST through plateaus. Vitamin D-rich foods help flood your body with nutrients that preserve your muscle mass — and keep your metabolism on HIGH as you lose more and more pounds.

And so much more!

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Defeat your fat with Vitamin D!
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